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Most personalised reports and actionable recommendations, only one out of 18 million people has same results.
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Highest number and most scientifically up-to-date genetic markers analysed per each topic.
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Only we ask for your detailed actual data and preferences to calculate your very personal recommendations.



Did you know that genes account half of the variations in physical performance between individuals? 

SPORT BASIC helps you discover your personal, inherited advantages in order to make appropriate choices of sport and improve your athletic performance and your general physical condition.


    Did you know that 40-70% of body weight is affected by genes?

    WEIGHT BASIC helps you to improve your weight management by properly matching diet and exercise to your genetic profile. Due to our genes, keeping a healthy weight may not be an equally easy task for everybody. 


      Did you know that genes may increase susceptibility to micronutrients deficiency?

      VITA BASIC helps you to understand your genetic risk of deficiency for vitamins and minerals and assures that the combination of foods consumed meet all your needs.

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          Backed By Science

          The discoveries in life sciences has significantly helped our understanding of biological processes in the human body. Rapidly developing science driven approaches provide valuable information which explains why people respond differently to environmental factors. Bringing power of knowledge gained through scientific research helps to provide personalised lifestyle advice which has great benefits for everyone. The era of “one size fits all” is over.

          Expert Recommendations

          Molecular biologists in collaboration with sport physiologists, nutrition specialists and personal trainers have composed the recommendations based on molecular profile characteristics and modern knowledge in nutrition and physiology.

          Up-To-Date Technologies

          Our aim is always to use up-to-date technologies to ensure adequate data quality. Personalised recommendations are composed by artificial intelligence engines that take into account the person’s molecular profile, questionnaire and other valuable information.

          Tested by many people

          Hundreds of thousands of people in the world have used genetics testing and the feedback has been very positive, the field is developing extremely quickly. Researches have shown that knowledge of genetic information will lead individuals to make more healthy choices and reach their goals more effectively.

          Secure and private

          You can access your data, genetic interpretations and recommendations anytime in our secure and private online environment, which is built using all the modern and best practices of security and privacy.


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          Stephen Finlayson

          Strength Coach

          "The information I got from myInnerGo gene test has really opened my eyes to what I could potentially achieve! This for me is critical knowledge, knowing what your body doesn't like, what it doesn't need but also knowing what it does need and what it uses best, is like having the winning lottery ticket."

          Lucy Ellis

          Personal Trainer

          "MyInnerGo has given me the ability to know my full potential, increase my strength, increase hypertrophy and all in all, make me feel so much better about my training and nutrition."

          Kate Brooker

          Business Executive

          "I have lost 1/2 a stone and on days I'm at home I'm sticking to the diet plan. I've found a local source of eggs and now get them delivered every week so hope that will help balance my protein and cut the carbs down."

          Luke Blaylock

          Competitive Bodybuilder and PT

          "I'm blown away by the results! So what does this mean? Basically it means I can now cut out the trial and error of training principles and nutrition and apply the right principles and nutrition that my body will adapt to best from the results. I can't wait to put this to the test and see what gains and what results I can come up with."

          Steph Owens

          Professional Weight-Lifter

          "When I got my Genetics results back through myInnerGo I found some fantastically positive results that can benefit my training. It is already helping me with my diet and training and has confirmed that I am in the correct sport for my genetic makeup. It is available for anyone."

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