Steph Owen’s a high level weightlifter was one of the first to get the myInnerGo genetic test, she wanted to do everything possible to gain and hit her full potential.

Steph Owens Hitting The Weights

Upon receiving Steph’s profile we could see just how gifted she was:

With genetic variants linking her to high power output, fast recovery and no increased risk of injury we could really get tweaking an already highly formed training programme.

Playing on Steph’s speedy recovery variants we utilised smaller rest periods between her lifts in training.

myInnerGo also helped her tweak her nutrition to help her hit weight targets, eventually creating two nutritional plans, one concentrating on loss before a competition and one for general lifestyle.


Leading up to December 06th 2014 Steph was preparing for the Welsh Open Weightlifting competition, putting in the work into both training and nutrition, she was prepared and ready:

Hitting 5 of 6 lifts and getting a new PB by 2kg on the snatch, Steph won the competition by a total of 16kg.