Personal trainer Lucy Ellis was one of the first people tested for themyInnerGo genetic test, a person very dedicated to her training and nutrition. Lucy had been training for years before the test with her main aim being to increase strength and lean muscle size.

Lucy Ellis – Strength Statistics/week 1:

Deadlift -: 60kg for 10 reps.
Leg Press -: 110kg.
Squat -: 50kg.

Lucy Ellis (Back Shot) Weeks 1


Upon receiving Lucy’s report we found out that she was highly adaptable from a potential perspective and had a great recovery from exercise. This fitted Lucy’s training methods perfectly as she enjoys doing many sessions in a week.

From a nutritional perspective we discovered that due to Lucy’s genetics we had to stay away from carbohydrates especially sugars but we could increase the fats and proteins (bring on the peanut butter), which suited Lucy who agrees with her genetic profile highlighting the “snacking” gene.

Due to the profile we created a personalised plan to help her achieve her goals of increasing strength and lean mass.

Lucy Ellis – Strength Statistics/week 10:

Deadlift -: 80kg for 8 reps.

Leg press -: 190kg.

Squat -: 70kg.

Lucy Ellis (Back Shot) weeks 6

 The gains didn’t cease at strength and back definition: Increases in lean mass can be seen in a few weeks –


From legs to shoulders:


Lucy has been going from strength to strength, keep up to date with our blog and see where Lucy ends up with her training! We stay in touch with Lucy to make sure she is happy with our product and so she can share any questions with us.

Lucy hitting her targets with myInnerGo!