“Some people are just built for certain sports.” Is this really such a bold statement? I think we can all agree that some athletes just seem to fit perfectly into a sport, but how much of this is due to fundamental genetic foundation and how much is down to training and practice.

In recent years genetic science has come on leaps and bounds, we are seeing genetics being implemented into all aspects of modern medicine, from helping to diagnose disease all the way to choosing applicable treatments for those with cancer. It was only a matter of time until genesbecame utilised in sport, growing from 2009 genetics have started to play a larger role in elite sport here in the UK, with multiple premier league football teams, athletes, and other teams using the science to help better create individualised training and nutrition programmes.

But what can we really tell from genes in relation to performance?

Our genes are our foundations, they allow us advantages and unfortunately disadvantages, they are the potential and hindrance we all have bound to us. Most people will split sports into areas that they have predominate physical attributes, for example we have endurance, power, mixed and skill based sports. Due to this, genes in this field are usually split into these categories as well, with some genes having cross-over but different variants effecting differing aspects of performance. Each gene has many SNP’s for each, these SNPs are coded by two nucleobase pairs (known as alleles), either:

Adenine = A

Cytosine = C

Guanine = G

Thymine = T

Uracil = U (RNA)

For example a gene tested may come out as:

Gene: XXX SNP: RsXXXXXXX Variant: C,T.

What does this mean?

It means we are all different genetically, everyone who is involved in exercise knows that people react differently to the same type of training, that is why genetics is an important leap forward in fitness. At myInnerGo we give you the ability to know your hidden talents before you do, we allow you to train specifically to the goals you want, taking away all the wasted time experimenting. Sport is becoming more scientific as clubs, teams, managers, sponsors want more from their players and athletes, at myInnerGo we give you a friendly place to embrace this.