1. Many felt they underestimated their full potential, feeling they now have a psychological assurance that they are in the correct sport.

M. BannisterI have never felt so sure about my sporting career, the DNA test has helped me realise my dreams “. 

2. Training for those who received a new training programme has never been so intense, even in those who have been training for years.

Anon “The DOMS have been intense since starting my new genetic plan”.

A. Watson ” legs was brutal yesterday could hardly walk “.

3. The new training programmes are tough but enjoyable.

A. Murphy  “really enjoyed it mate, chest is sore today!!”

Anon “Never had a programme that fitted me so well, really enjoying the last few weeks of training”.

4. Results from the new DNA programmes and diets have been outstanding.

P.Walker “The personal bests are coming and quickly. I cant wait to get to 100kg deep steady squat for 5 reps”.

T.James “I have lost 2 inches on my waist in only 2 weeks of my DNA diet”.

S. Combe “Gaining in strength, feeling the workouts and seem to be making progress weekly. In conjunction with the dietary guidance dropping body fat as well”.

L.Mitchell ” In 3 weeks I have gained 0.8kg,but I’ve lost 6cm from fat sites and gained 22cm in areas I want such as arms and shoulders including an inch on each arm!”