Diets do not seem to be working do they? More and more people are being diagnosed as clinically  obese with more and more children and adolescents also being diagnosed. This is then leading to serious health conditions such as diabetes. It is well established that the extent of weight loss in response to diet and exercise does vary between individuals; however there may be more to the story.

Research has begun to look at the effect of genetics on weight loss as it seems that calorie controlled diets just aren’t working for most people as many struggle to stick to it or to see much results from them at all. New research has revealed that diets just may not be working for YOU because of YOUR biology i.e.: your genetic make-up is not suited to these diet choices.

Research is suggesting that different people need to work differently for their bodies to respond to weight loss attempts; some people who are obese may have to work harder at losing weight than others due to differences in their metabolism. However, just because you may have “bad genetics” or because your family has a lot of obesity in it does not mean you are doomed to be obese forever.

The idea then in lies that weight loss can be achieved when a healthy diet and exercise choices are made based on each individuals biological differences which will help them achieve their goals according to their body. Personalisation of medicine is becoming the buzz-word around the medical scientific community and the media alike. With medication and research being targeted to the individual instead of the old method of a one-size fits all approach used in the past. Genetics are playing the key role in this personalisation with the NHS recently launching massive funding and research in the area for disease, 11 major centres are being utilised:

The 11 hospital trusts are:

• Cambridge University
• Guy’s and St Thomas’s
• Liverpool Women’s
• Central Manchester University
• Great Ormond Street
• Newcastle upon Tyne
• Oxford University
• Royal Devon and Exeter
• University Hospital Southampton
• Imperial College Healthcare
• University Hospitals Birmingham

It is through this research that hope can be made for cures for the most devastating of diseases such as cancer. Treatments are already being personalised to individuals from their genetics in pathologies such as breast cancer.

MyInnerGo understand how important personalisation is, and whilst this research continues to help prevent disease we strive to allow personalisation of other matters, specifically sport and diet. We all know that certain diets work for some and not for others, and as mentioned in the introduction generic diets do not seem to be working as the UK’s waistline increases.

Here at myInnerGo we use your DNA to give you the personalised touch to that diet, helping you discover what types of food adds excess fat in you, we can map a diet that will cause progressive and sustainable weight loss and control, and most importantly in a method that allows you to maintain an energy intake that works for your lifestyle.

So why waste time with generic diet plans? Get your genetic one today from

Written By:
Stefanie Moir & Chris Collins