Myth nr 1. Eating five or six small meals will help you lose weight.
Truth: Spreading your food out makes people hungrier and less satisfied with what they’re eating. It is only helpful for weight gain. Eating fewer, larger meals is more satisfying, takes less time and is more effective for weight loss.

Myth nr 2. Cardio helps you lose weight.
Truth: Cardio training alone will expend calories however in most cases it is ineffective on its own. You should eat right and train to lose weight. Eating the right foods that make you lose fat is hard – if you want to know what to eat and how to train, then science can help.
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Myth nr 3. All weight loss is created equal.
Truth: If you choose the wrong weight loss program for your body then in most cases it won’t work. You should get to know what your body likes and what it needs. Know your genes and you will learn what to do. You can get different effective DNA-Test from myInnerGo

Myth nr 4. Slimming pills work for weight loss
Truth: Most commercial slimming pills have a placebo effect on you or they are enhanced with stimulants which makes you more focused on the training and can cause a fat burning sensation, however this is not healthy for your heart and is not maintainable.

Myth nr 5. Foods labelled 'low fat' are always a healthy choice
Truth: In many cases this is not true, the reduced fat is usually replaced with sugar to enhance the taste.

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