Dear readers,

We want to make a difference in peoples lives, we want to help you make the correct exercise and nutrition choices so that your dreams become realistic goals.
Here at myInnerGo we are not just about DNA-testing, all of us who work here practice what we preach! We know the power of genetics and how it can improve our lifestyles. Our aim is that everyone will have the ability to know their talents without wasting time with trial and error, making the best use of time so that progression is not only swift but also maintainable regardless of the goal! Join us on our DNA lifestyle revolution!

We have made videos that help you understand your ordered DNA-test results and allow you to make a practical training routine. 
New videos are available for those who want to achieve better results in sports&fitness, weight management.


We are happy to give you an idea of programmes based on Your genetics from our high-level specialist. Let`s get started! See below for the two videos currently up, with many more to come!

 From this small presentation you should have a better idea on:
* how to choose an applicable distance 
* how many sessions in training you should use
* how intense each session should be 
* your natural gifts for endurance based running 

 From this small video you should be able:
* Choose a rep range that matches your genetic profile 
* Choose an applicable number of sets
* Know how long to rest between sets 
* Know how many sessions a week to train
* Know the best way to cut 

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