Fat loss has been a topic of popular conversation for the past decade and for good reason, as a nation the UK has been gaining negative publicity for being too FAT. This rise of persons overweight has caused the multiple treatments, therapies and quick fix diets to surface within popular media, some of which are ok and based upon scientific reasoning and some of which have been proven to be complete shams. However nearly everyone can agree upon two elements that have more than likely caused the surge in obesity.
1. Overconsumption of calories
2. A lack of physical activity
It would make sense then to agree to the premise that if calories are adequately controlled and physical activity is increased that the nation’s weight problems would decrease.

In general this is the case, the simple fact is that the body will lose fat if more calories are expended then taken in. However thanks to new research and science into genetics we can accurately figure out which aspect is more important to YOU!

If an increase in physical activity and a decrease in calorie intake causes fat loss then why would we need to know which aspect affects us greater. Simply put, TIME! Understanding your DNA
predispositions means you can concentrate on the more important aspects for you and therefore save yourself time and effort, you can utilise more of one aspect so that your weight loss journey is made easier, progressive and more maintainable.

Certain variants in the ADRB2 gene cause greater fat usage with exercise in females, however certain aspects actually blunt this effect and may mean that exercise will have a smaller effect upon fat loss. Also those with certain variants in the FTO gene have been shown to have a lower BMI compared to those of similar activity with other variants, multiple genes can be looked into to see which aspect works best for you. If you want to find out your key to fat loss success then get yourself a myInnerGo
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