Hagen was in a group of bodybuilders who got a myInnerGo DNA test during our trial period before our main products were finalised and went commercially online. During this time Hagen was looking to focus on his body and physique and we were determined to help him get there. Hagen’s myInnerGo SPORT results showed he was more towards the power scale than endurance and had gifts associated with lean body mass, utilising this we went through a training programme together and created a plan that worked his predominate gifted areas to truly maximise his potential:

Hagen B. Training Hypertrophy   
Upper Back:  Sets Reps Rest
Lat Pull Down:  8 sets 3,3,3,5,7,9,12,15 90s 
Cable Row (narrow):  8 sets  3,3,3,5,7,9,12,15 90s 
Reverse Fly:  4 sets 7 60s
Cable Row (wide grip):  5 sets  5,5,5,11,11 60s
Rower:  1000m Maximal   
Flat Bench:  10 sets  3,3,3,5,5,7,7,10,10,10 90s 
Incline Bench:  6 sets 5 90s 
D/B Flys -:  4 sets 11 60s
Piston (hammer) Press:  4 sets  10 60s
Low Cable Flys:  4 sets 8 60s
Squats:  10 sets  5,5,5,5,5,10,10,10,10,10 90s
Leg Press:  5 sets  6 90s
Leg Extension:  5 sets  6,6,6,11,11 60s
Stiff Leg Deadlift:  5 sets  8 60s
Hamstring Curl: 5 sets  8 60s
Calfs on leg press:  8 sets 4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2 60s
Calfs DBs: 3 sets 12 60s
Millitary Press:  10 sets 2,2,2,5,5,8,8,8,12,12 90s
Lat raises:  4 sets 11 60s
Machine Press:  5 sets 3 60s
Front Raises: 4 sets 8 60s
Arnie Press:  6 sets 12 60s 
Shoulder Press-up: 1 set Maximal   
Reverse Fly DB: 4 sets 8 60s
Straight Bar Bicep Curl: 8 sets 5,5,5,5,5,10,10,10,10 90s
Hammer Curls: 4 sets 8 60s
Preacher Curl: 4 sets 12 60s
Cable Curl (Straight): 3 sets 4 60s
Close Grip bench (thumbs touch):  10 sets 3,3,3,5,5,8,8,8,15,15 90s
Trcieps Extension:  5 sets 5 60s 
Skull Crushers:  5 sets 5,7,7,10,10 60s
Close Grip Push ups (diamond):  1 Maximal


(Initial training plan, this will have changed with progression)

We went deep into Hagen’sHagen Biggin myInnerGo journey diet genes with myInnerGo WEIGHT and created a plan that matched his goals. With the new genetic knowledge that unsaturated fats helped Hagen’s lean body mass but carbohydrates caused the majority of fat gain we perfected a nutrition plan that went hand in hand with the training.  

 Don’t take our word for it, here is what Hagen said about us:  

 “I'm giving a shout out to a huge successor to part of my training.  I used myinnergo to unlock my genes because I want the best it's that simple! On the left hand side is me before I had my gene test done with Chris Collins, I had size but hypertrophy was the goal and hypertrophy was not the end product of what I had here ...

 With the myInnerGo package I received the information I needed to train to reach my goal.....and diet to reach my goal!

I'm aiming toward competition next February in bodybuilding and physique.
Could I have done this without myInnerGo? The answer is no.

Chris and the team have been a massive help along the way with questions and information as well which continues me to reach new targets”

-Hagen Biggin (MHG owner/ head PT)

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