Back when myInnerGo was Dave Foster myInnerGo journeystarting out and before our online store opened, our U.K. representative Chris did multiple tests across the U.K. to make sure our products were the best they could possibly be. One of those tests was done on bodybuilder Dave Foster, the following is an extract of what Dave thought of the product from the test date in November 2014 to now:

“I took my initial swab test with Chris in November 2014, it was a simple mouth swab that was totally painless. Shortly after the test Chris mailed me to tell me he had the results from the test, Chris explained the results of the test via Skype (now the myInnerGo consultation) and provided me with the documents outlining the results:


(Sport Results in the old format which are now available with pages of personalised recommendations from the myInnerGo SPORT test.)

(Vitamin Deficiency results in the old format, now available in either the Sport Micronutrient package with Selenium but no recommendations, or VITA test which includes personalised recommendations and Selenium + Umami Taste.)

(Weight results in the old format, now available as either the Sport Nutrition package which has no recommendation or the full WEIGHT test that include pages of personalised recommendations.)

Chris also went through a training plan for me to give me a new direction to my training, which is available from the online profile when the sport product has been purchased. For my genetics Chris explained that I needed to concentrate on lower reps and higher weights focusing more on strength and power, we also adjusted my rest periods and rest days along with some nutritional alterations. I proceeded with the new program during November and December and gained a huge amount strength in particular with thigh extension and Lat pulldown machines which I maxed and had to attached weights to! Also my leg press, hack squat and bent over row weights went far beyond anything I had done previously. I am now incorporating more power and strength rep ranges in to my training protocols now throughout the year, I believe that it has me built thicker and more muscle in my back and quads certainly.

I think if I had known that high reps and reduced rest isn’t preferential for me I could have saved a lot of wasted time over the years and just concentrated on what worked for my body.

"Overall a Great test and it does really work!”

Some Stats:

Flat bench was 3 plates a side for 4 - 6 reps, thigh extension was full stack plus 15kg plus a bungee attached for 15 slow reps x 3. Lat pulldown under arms was full stack plus 15kg plate, same for cable row. BO row was 3 plates. Which were all new personal bests!

Plate loaded lat pulls and plate row where 5 plates a side couldn’t fit any more on it. Leg press was 12 plates a side for 6 reps.


    From this point Dave has decided to have a good year or two training hard and to the way which works best for him! He is looking to come back to the bodybuilding scene with a bang! So watch this space!

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