So what is the 12 week "Look Good Feel Good Transformation" and why is it different to any other transformation?

Simply put, It`s something never seen or even heard of till now. We have built and designed this so there is no guess work but instead solid, structured recommendations and strategies you can use for a LIFE TIME.

So how does it work? By taking part we ask you a simple but highly effective test. The test is painless which consist of a swab taken from the inside of your cheek. This allows our laboratory of experts to use your sample to test your genetic makeup so we can then see what you are made up of. 

But before I go on I think I should introduce myself.  Hello my name is Stephen Finlayson one of the nutrition consultants for myInnerGo. I have been a trainer for last four years and a nutrition coach for last 12 months. Coaching people on a one to one basis, you soon realise by building a solid friendship that you learn a lot more about someone other than their goals. You find out their interest, their passions, their hobbies and their aspirations. Now this may not come across as your typical trainer a coach talk. But the more I get to know someone, the more chance I have of getting them their results. Knowledge is power as they say. 

As you know we are all unique, which sets up apart. Our genetic codes are different even our goals could be different. So what might work for one person doesn`t always mean it works for another. Some people train hard three to four times a week and get amazing results. Others, they train the same sometimes more, dedicating a lot of time in the gym. Initially they get results, but after some time the results aren`t as visible. Because training, nutrition and recovery all go hand in hand. Being consistent is what gets you results. The key word here being "Consistent". But you need to be doing what is right for you in order for the results to happen. You may be copying the same training and nutrition as your friend. Perhaps you have read an article or watched a video. Great, You are taking action. 

But what they offer you doesn`t always fit in with your goals or your lifestyle. Taking up too much time or being too advanced. But you see initial results. Great right? But six to eight weeks they slowly tape off. Once these six to eight weeks go by, your weight and body hasn`t changed as much as you hoped. So the search starts again. Looking for the next article for the latest craze. The cycle goes on again. This is where the 12 week Look Good Feel Good transformation comes into play. There is no guess work, you don`t need to rely on copying your friend or reading articles in magazines that aren`t always fitness or health related. This transformation is built around you and only you.


So what make the look good feel good 12 Week Transformation any different?

It is all broken down into modules and segments making it easier to follow. Trickle feeding the information to you so you can easily follow and implement it. Each week there is a new strategy put it place for you to focus on and implement. We focus on only small changes so it`s almost unnoticeable but has a big effect. The smaller the change the easier it is to follow. It could be as simple as been asked to drink on and half litres of water a day for 14 days. Then when that is created into a new habit. We add the next one and so on. We don´t miss out or skip the next habit if the previous habit hasn`t been implemented. Instead we figure out a way we can help you get that habit into your routine. Giving you small changes allows you to make them part of your routine without even thinking about it. Clever, but simple right?

The breakdown itself and why is it different to anything else out there.

As mentioned we have broken it down into modules

1) Training
2) Nutrition
3) Mindset


From the test results we can determine what athleticism you possess. We all possess a trait something we are best at. Whether it be Strength, Power or Endurance. 

We can also see your:

  • Response to building muscle
  • How injury prone you are
  • You lean body mass
  • Exercise effect on weight
  • Recovery

We cover a lot more but we can`t reveal everything we do. Well, not yet.


From the results we can determine a lot about your diet and whether your current diet is actually working for you or not. We can see: 

  • What risk you pose of weight regain
  • What foods you respond to best (not to be mistaken for food tolerances or intolerances)
  • We can work out your daily calorie breakdown
  • Response to calorie restriction
  • The risk you pose to obesity


Now the last one does sound a bit scary but it`s nothing to worry about if you have the information. We can give you recommendations to minimize the risk allowing you to still enjoy the food you love. Being able and knowing how to make the right choices.


 This may not sound like the typical thing you would find in a transformation. But I have left the best for last. None of the training or nutrition matters if your mindset is all out of whack. We can help determine your character traits by using the same test we used to get your training and nutrition recommendations. Do you know if you possess a Warrior or Worrier mentality? Now you may think you already know and you could be right. But knowing these traits in more detail will allow you to really figure out what motivates you and what could potentially hold you back. Understanding your environment and behaviour will help you ake the right choices working towards your goals.

How Do I take Part?

We like to be thorough at myInnerGo and we want to give all our clients the best possible service so we go through a process. It all starts with preparing you. This isn`t for everyone, we realise that. Not everyone is motivated in the same way. So we go through a simple process to see if this indeed a good fit for you.

We take people on by application only. We send out a set of questions which you have to answer. Being successful with the question, we give you a call back, we have a 15-20 minute chat about your goals and motivation just getting to know one another. Then we can see if this is a good fit for you or not. If we both agree this is something that will benefit you. You are then offered a place on the 12 week transformation program. If we agree that perhaps this isn`t the right program for you. We can then offer you some additional advice and support. We don`t just leave you to get on with it. We will offer help and support in any way we can.

The one thing that sets this transformation aside from the rest is. We are giving you an experience that just doesn`t last for the short term. We aren`t just giving you the body you want for your holiday or for the up and coming wedding. This is something that you can use for a lifetime. We are giving you the knowledge so you can confidently achieve the body you want with information that is relative to you, no one else. Just you. Take the information and you can have the happiest healthiest lifestyle you could ever want or have.