What is the perfect diet? A nutritional plan that finally brings you not only fat loss but sustainable, maintainable weight control or perhaps it is a diet that allows you to gain lean muscle while losing body fat.

Unfortunately there are thousands of different diets out there, some extreme, some relatively balanced, most however are just quick fixes and have no real longevity. None of the diets you can pick off the shelf are truly PERSONALISED, we get low sugar, low fat, just protein, no protein, high fat, high carb, low carb. It is a never ending list. We live in a world where new diet trends are coming around like the weeks and changing like the weather. It can be said that a lot of these diets are without much or any scientific backing. This is where it all changes!

We have created a game changer. Something totally unique to you and your diet. Tailored to your goals and requirements. Because after all, a diet that doesn’t meet your needs or requirements isn’t worth doing, even if the latest edition of your favourite fitness magazine says so. myInnerGo Weight allows you to discover your genetic responses to certain food groups. Allowing “YOU” to create a personalised diet plan that works almost instantly, but more importantly it’s a diet you can use for the future knowing this is what your body wants and needs.

So HOW is this possible? 
What makes this different to anything else out there?

Genes hold key information about how your body responds to its environment; this can stretch from reactions to certain drugs, the body’s response to exercise and what this article is highlighting how you will respond to food. What types of micronutrients these are essential vitamins and minerals, which are needed in your diet can be discovered with myInnerGo Vita. Genetics shows you, you may be at risk of micronutrients deficiency, obesity risk and it finally answers the age old question of… What is more important to you EXERCISE or DIET.

The myInnerGo WEIGHT test will allow you to figure out the truth behind how you react to fats and carbohydrates. These reactions are caused by genetic variants in your gene pool. This allows you to make accurate and concise decisions. Knowing if you should cut carbohydrates or fats from the diet to have maximum effect upon fat loss is better than second guessing. But not only fats and carbohydrates, you will also learn if protein and unsaturated fat intake helps aid fat loss and weight management. By understanding these genetic variants you will be able to put together the foods and their percentages. Which is the first part of making a truly personalised diet.

The test does not end there.
We have a lot more to offer.

We can also test specific genes like LPL, FTO, ADRB2, INSIG2 amongst others. Testing these specific genes allows us to tell you if physical activity is highly beneficial to your weight control or not.

Whilst we promote physical activity. It is good for everyone and has multiple benefits including increasing bone density, helping the muscular and cardiovascular system and helping the release of endorphins. However certain people will create a more fat burning effect from exercise than others.

This isn’t a bad thing in any case. Exercise is amazing for you. This test gives you the relevant information so you are not left disheartened by going to the gym four to five times a week and not seeing the changes you’d hoped for. Now you know that exercise has a low response on weight loss and weight management so there fore a calorie restriction would prove to be of more benefit. Showing that this test can help you judge not only your dietary needs, but also your training needs in relation to weight loss and weight management.

A sneak peaks of real genetic results from the myInnerGo WEIGHT test

myInnerGo goes even further giving multiple recommendations, read-more sections and even a free three-day diet plan. Designed to help you. Along with further personal coaching available from your own personal online space on the webpage.

myInnerGo allows you to go as in depth as you like, you won’t be able to find a more personalised diet plan anywhere! 

So ditch the STANDARD DIETS and go for a Individualised Genetic Diet today!