If there is one thing we know it’s that training and sport is a tough place, regardless if you are at professional level or amateur level.I don’t think it is too farfetched to say that nearly everyone has considered if their training is truly working to their goals and potential. When it comes to developing in a sport or in general training one thing can be said and that is that gradual progression and personalisation is KEY.

Fortunately thanks to Modern Science we can now help those wanting to progress, we can help take out the guess work we can personalise training down the smallest detail.







A genetic test allows you to know your talent, we are all born differently (identical twins are exempt from the rule), therefore we are all inherently going to have different strengths and weaknesses, this is common even from a young age. When we turn school age we can obviously see these differences, some easily take to math and science, others are drawn to art and others just seem to be better at physical sport and whilst the environment will play a part it is noticeable that some of these behaviours and attributes are inherent. Thanks to DNA testing, we can now accurately see which forms of physical sport are more applicable to you, whether that be endurance or power or something in-between, making it easier for you to train in a direction that will cause continuous progression. MyInnerGo Sport reveals  these unknown secrets.

Even with all the gifts in the world there can be something holding you back and one thing that always gets asked by those starting out to those with years of experience is how often and how intensely do they need to train? Thanks to the knowledge of certain genetic variations in particular genes such as AMPD1, IGF2, IGF2AS, COL5A1 and others the team at myInnerGo can estimate injury risk, rest periods between bouts of intense exercise and how many sessions a week should be done depending on the physical goal. Having this knowledge is key to having safe progressive performance without the risk of overtraining and injury.

A sneak peaks example of the first page of the myInnerGo SPORT test

Most sport scientists agree that there are at least 2 opposing types of muscle fibre, some believe in more but in general it is established that there is a muscle type for endurance based activity that expends small amounts of energy over a long period of time called slow twitch and a muscle type that expends a high amount of energy but over a very short period of time known as fast twitch. Regardless if your goal is endurance or power based, maybe you’re already established in a sport or looking to build muscle, then knowing your bodies preferred type can dictate the best way for you to get the most from training. It could be the difference between doing HIIT based training or steady state to using high reps in your training (12+) to using lower rep ranges. By understanding this myInnerGo can help you break through plateaus (a time in training where performance no longer improves). For some these can be broken with either a rest or altering the training pattern.  By understanding all the aspects of the myinnergo SPORT genetic test you can precisely evaluate the best methods to break through your plateau and continue to progress.

Nearly every sport requires a good power to weight ratio, and those involved in bodybuilding and aesthetic events are always trying to find the most effective method of losing body fat. By unlocking your genetic profile using the myinnergo SPORT test you will find out if you’re genetically advantaged to have a good lean body mass and if exercise is an effective method for weight control. For those who are mainly only interested in weight control then the myinnergo WEIGHT test is for you! 

There you have it! The future of training is upon us, and we urge you all to take advantage of this now, don’t waste time with trial and error, get yourself on the right track today!