Summer has arrived and now is the time people are in the mad dash to get that beach body ready to rock and roll. All the while trainers, coaches and celebrities are coming out the wood work with new diets and training programs promising you that this year will be your best year in terms of how your body will look this summer if you follow their  “Super Sexy Lean X program 2.0” Telling you that this program is the 2.0 version and that it’s the best version yet.

You will be guaranteed fast, visible results. But what they don’t tell you is that the program has various restrictions, the training program is advanced and well you won’t have a social life for the next 12 weeks. But thats cool right as long as you get the results. But at what cost to you and your body. 

1. Restriction

 Restricting your body of food and water is a no no. Well for the population that don’t step on stage or in an arena anyway. So if you aren’t an athlete of any description there is no need to restrict your body of food or water. Unless.. That  particular food has a negative response on your body or you are intolerant or allergic. Diet is the building block to results, exercise does have an important role but ultimately how you perform, recover and feel ultimately comes down to diet and whether that diet is right for you or not.

2. Wrong diet 

Following a diet that isn’t suitable for you or your lifestyle. You have seen the articles every week, the headlines in the paper also chime in with what the latest research has proven or what a Hollywood A-Lister has done to get in shape for a film. The diets these actors or performers are only short term. They will ultimately have to change their diet to something more long term to maintain balance and happiness. Getting a diet that you can stick to is the best diet. The diet that has no end game but ultimately your lock and key opening the door to freedom, balance, control and allowing you to keep your lifestyle healthy but enjoyable.

Now we have spoken about diet and nutrition and I have pointed out possibly the two biggest mistakes people make. The next thing is training. Again there is a whole lot of good information out there on training programs. But at the same time there is just as much bad or misinformed information. 

3. Too advanced training plan 

Following a training program that is too advanced or too intensive is going to do two things.

  1. Injure you, meaning you are now out of the game having to nurse a bust shoulder or back
  2. Get you no results because its too intensive, you don’t allow enough time to recover and your diet isn’t anywhere near the level it needs to be to require optimal recovery and muscle building. Meaning your are over stressing the body and you will actually will be putting more body fat on as opposed to off.

It’s important to follow a program that not only caters for your level or fitness and skill but one that allows you to recover enough between sessions.

4. Unprofessional recommendations 

Following a training program that was recommended to you by one of these fitness models, celebrities or what you seen on a Youtube channel. Three things to consider here:

  1. Some have little to no experience training other people
  2. Have had their program tweaked to suit their body type 
  3. Who may only train like this for 9-12 weeks

It would be a start not the best of starts. If the program is only 12 weeks then what? Once that 12 weeks is done. Where do YOU go from there. Rinse and repeat the same program? We understand that getting the right program which suits your requirements, level of skill and current fitness levels are the three major factors you should consider when looking at a program.

myInnerGo have devised and built products that have a unique formula and of course the answers to your questions in regards to:

  1. What foods should I be eating
  2. How often should I be training
  3. How many calories a day am I  meant to be eating and how do I track it
  4. Should I be doing free weights 
  5. What foods are best for weight loss
  6. How many sets and reps am I  meant to be doing for weight loss and building lean muscle

All very important questions to which YOU already have the answer…Confused? Well don’t be, we use a rather unique way of getting this information back to you. But we don’t just trawl the internet looking for the answers. We ask you for them. Still confused? When I say we ask you for them, we send you out a test kit in which all you have to do is follow the simple instructions. 

We can achieve all this by testing your genetic profile so we can get you answers you want so you can start getting that super sexy body all year round and not just for the summer. Head on over to our site for more information on our weight and sport products.