Do You Count Your Food Like A Kid Counts their Smarties?

People often see dieting as a chore, an inconvenience, an overwhelming experience. Some people even see their food by numbers. Counting calories, weighing out their food. Some people see their food as a point system. A potato is worth 10 points, an avocado is worth 20 points. They add their points together and eat to a set figure. Some people just rely on shakes and smoothies.

Let’s rewind back 10, 20 or even 30 years when you were growing up. Was this ever around when you were growing up. Did you parents measure, add your food up into points, or just give you shakes? I hope the answer to that is a NO. So where did it go wrong, when did you decide that you were going to adopt these tactics? See the thing is this, the whole points, weighing, counting etc is a numbers and points game. A game you can’t win. Since when did food ever become a points system? A red, yellow, green traffic light system, since when was it ever sensible to live off just smoothies and pre packed shakes?

Hottest Diet Trends - Do they actually work?

It just kinda happened right? You read the latest article or seen on the TV a celebrity or Hollywood actor use some of these same methods getting some great results right?… Now every woman, man and their dog are trying it. Using the whole mantra. To get these great results, to be happy and lose that weight you must; 1. Add your food up into points.
2. Weigh your food.
3. Traffic light this food and that food.  
If you have done this before, I am sure you know this is a restrictive and  a not so pleasurable way of eating.

Food is energy, it’s life it’s what WE NEED to sustain and live an optimal healthy lifestyle. Without it we start to shut down, we become ill, tired, grumpy, fed up and left feeling restrictive because we can’t eat the foods we enjoy most. We crave them more and before you know it you have gone back to what you were doing before. Back to square one.

Wouldn’t it be a whole lot simpler, easier and more enjoyable NOT to be like that?

When it comes to eating, It’s all about making the right choices. And when I say choices I mean decisions. You decide what is right for you. Having freedom and control is paramount to becoming happy with what you are doing.

So what is the best way to make sensible decisions? It all starts by knowing what works for you and why it’s important to maintain a happy healthy lifestyle. Don’t make the same mistake people do when dieting. Forgetting that you are entitled to be happy, that you can enjoy your food.

You need to create a happy medium, a balance so you can have the best of both worlds. So you can achieve results by eating the foods you enjoy, socialising with friends without having to bring out the calculator  and top up the score, or ask the waiter if they know how many points the lasagne has. Doesn’t sound like much fun nor does having to live on a restrictive diet. Eating the same foods over and over, feeling miserable and frustrated because you can’t see any way out of this hole you are in.  

There is a simple remedy to this
Creating a balance isn’t rocket science nor does it have to be an overwhelming, complicated process. You may of had the perfect balance before and something knocked it all out of whack. You know the same balance you had once before? Think back to that time. Or perhaps you never managed to get that balance in your life. Well let me tell you it’s not impossible to have that back or even introduce it. Regardless of how old you think you are, there is always time for change. That change all starts with knowing what works for you and how you can remain consistent with it. Getting your hands on this information has never been easier.

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