I will kick this off with two real quick questions. How do you train and what are you training for?

How Do You Train?

Are you using free weights, are you mostly using machines, do you do classes at the gym, do you do a lot cardio? See, it starts with just one question, but then it goes into more questions. You are training and thats the main thing. Your motivated and dedicated to get into the gym and get fitter, stronger and to lose some weight. See all of the above can do that for you. So at least you have started out right… Right?

Of course you have. So what now? You have been training for a couple weeks perhaps months. Initially you saw some great results but now those results aren’t as visible and things start to taper off. This is more commonly known as a “Plateau” This isn’t the best place to be, you could be stuck in a rut. But you are still determined to get those results. So you still go to the gym and bust your ass off. Great.. You have some determination and persistence, unlike most other people who would just give up. You are still there putting in the work.

The Reality

The reality is this though. You are indeed putting in sweat and tears into the workout to get those results you really desire. But when you don’t see them, you perhaps question other aspects of your life. Time, effort, perhaps food. This is crucial but food is not always to blame. Your return of training investment is in the minus.

How Do I Ramp It Up?

Look at your training log. You do have one right? Smart if you do and shame on you if you don’t. Logging what you do in the gym is vital. Vital if you want to proceed. Knowing your numbers allows you to see if you are moving forward, backwards or indeed stuck in limbo. So that being said the first thing you need to do to see if your program is actually working for you. Right, so to those who don’t have a training log. Get one. This is crucial to track your progress. Don’t leave it to guess work. Your time is vital and limited so make sure when you are training it’s progressive and not just you going through the motions.

What Are You Training For?

 Is it for, weight gain, weight loss, confidence, increase energy levels or self esteem. You want to feel and look good, thats why you are training.  Hey it’s all well and good training for something but you have to ask the question “why” you are training. Knowing this will certainly keep you motivated. So forget the six pack and toned arms. There not what you really want. They are simply a by product of what you feel.

So What Does This Have To Do With My Training?

This has a lot to do with your training. If you are training to lose weight for example.

“What kind of program should I choose”?
“How often do I need to train to achieve my goals”?

Simple but quite hard questions to answer. The hardest part really is selecting the right program for you. We know there is a lot out there and we can often be left pickled with the information out there. Fortunately we can help, we can advise and recommend you on the best possible program which will not only give you the results you desire but the knowledge as to why you are doing it. The kind of knowledge that is only applicable to you. So if your friend is saying that exercise in that rep range is no good for you. You can now turn round and say they are indeed wrong.

How are we so sure? Because you gave us the answers, by taking one of our tests we can test certain and particular genes that can give us the answers. Whether you adapt better to high intensity or low intensity, how often you recover and what you respond to best. Strength or power based exercise. These are all the answers to those questions of.
How can  I train effectively and efficiently?
How often do I train without risk of injury?

Training the same over and over will only bring you the same results or perhaps the lack of them.

Progression is key and if you are motivated to do that then we are just as motivated to get you going.

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