What makes a perfect smoothie?…Many aspects can influence your choice, let us go through why smoothies CAN be beneficial and what makes them so tempting

  1. The VITAMIN boost – most smoothies are packed with fruits and/or veg, look for ones packed with a bit of both, be careful of the sugar (fructose) content however. Vitamin, antioxidant packed blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are great choices for a healthy hit.

  2.  The PROTEIN content – smoothies that contain yogurt and/or protein powder are also great post-workout nourishment, the combination of fast acting carbohydrates and protein are great for repair and recovery.

  3.  FIBRE – often missed off the list of reasons to get a smoothie, the fibre content of some smoothies can be great especially when the skin of the fruit and veg is also in the bottle. 

  4. TASTE – let’s be honest one the best reasons for getting a smoothie is its combination of sweet and sour flavours and great textures.
 Need inspiration? We have lot of RECIPES here.

There you have it, 4 reasons why smoothies can be a great option in a varied diet, why not find out what your DNA can do for your dietary needs? All you have to do:

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