There are a large amount bodybuilders, muscle builders and fitness fanatics that are well and truly clued up on how to train correctly. With split-programmes, tempo training, super sets, drop sets and other training principles applied to their gym work. However we have found that nutrition knowledge more often than not is not up to the same standard, many packing in the calories with chicken, dairy, pasta and red meat. Having a post workout tuna and sweetcorn has to be good for you?

Sadly not all is what it seems in the world of nutrition and fitness, many manufacturers have done a brilliant job ruining the nutritional value otherwise healthy foods. We have made a list of muscle building foods that have positives and negatives.


Pizza can hold a great muscle building punch especially when the toppings are nutrient full:

  • Spinach
  • Salmon
  • Pineapple
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Red & Green pepper

All these are great toppings that can make pizza into one of the best bulking foods around, to make it better if you use a good tomato based paste it will be packed with lycopene which increases IGF-1 and helps prevent cancer. However pizza can have the negative side, if the toppings consist of:

  • Sausage
  • Pepperoni
  • Anchovies

There are others which are just not great pizza toppers, now we get onto the stuff between the toppings and the tomato, that cheese! Some pizzas can be packed with full fat cheeses, and when you get big thick crust that is also packed with cheese you are asking for a dairy overload, some slices of a well-known pizza companies classic dish can come out as 759kcal and 48g of fat, that will not get the body you desire.

myInnerGo consultant Christopher Collins who has Certification on Sport Nutrition recommends:

First the best bet is to make your own pizza, use a wholemeal base and make sure its thin with no real crust, add a good tomato puree and use toppings listed above in the healthy section, also pop three chunks of cheese of your own choice (edam is a good choice or low fat mozzarella) at three points around the pizza.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is full of vitamins C, A and B and can have plentiful other nutrients such as minerals and anti-oxidants. These are all great when we train hard and we need these extra nutrients to help our immune system remain strong.

However fruit juice is naturally full of sugar (fructose) which is detrimental to anyone wanting to pack on muscle and not fat. To make it worse manufacturers take out most of the goodness in processing of the juice, and when they create a lighter option they decide to take half of your juice away (vitamins and all) and add water instead, then have the cheek to charge you more.

Chris from myInnerGo recommends:

Always go for juices that are cold-pressed and packed with all the natural goodness, which means you want those “juicy bits”. If possible go for not from concentrate juices and always read the back at the ingredients and if it reads anything more than 100% of the juice then put it back. Some like to mix hemp or soy protein with juice to add flavour and this can be a great idea especially for a pre-workout.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another bodybuilding favourite, packed with monounsaturated fat which helps boost testosterone, magnesium which helps regulate glucose and niacin which helps in the formation of growth hormone.

However peanut butter is also packed with sugar and the dangerous trans fats. Many manufacturers add trans fats to help increase the shelf life of peanut butter and to help stop separation. Trans fats are a fitness enthusiasts nightmare, they prevent us from breaking down fat and are detrimental to muscle hypertrophy.

Chris from myInnerGo recommends:

Always try to go for natural organic brands that contain full peanuts, skip the low fat alternatives as these will be packed with sugar.


Pasta is a great food for feeding the muscles with glycogen which is needed for training, it also helps the absorption of protein when eaten with chicken, fish etc, which is what you need to boost your muscle growth. Pasta is also full of B vitamins which helps the conversion of food to energy.

Sadly the humble pasta has been destroyed by manufacturers in processing, they refine pasta so much that you are left with a calorie dense fibre free mush. This type of pasta is high up the glycaemic index and can add fat to your tummy, increase your waist and may lead to obesity and fatty liver disease.

Chris from myInnerGo recommends:

Choose an organic pasta that is made from whole grain/whole wheat this guarantees that the pasta you are eating is full of gut friendly fibre which can help combat colon cancer and healthy nutrients such as magnesium and selenium. Also it is beneficial to eat pasta with a protein such as chicken or lean mince beef, as this will help you absorb all that protein.

We have made a list of muscle building foods that have positives and negatives, but this is not full list. Next week we are going to talk  about tuna, salad, meat  and yogurt.






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