No more disappointments - find out, what is the best diet for you

 Test your DNA

Our genes determine how various foods affect us. Eating and exercising according to the genetic profile is a key to successful weight loss

  • Unlock your risk of obesity

Even if your risk is high, it doesn't mean that being overweight is something you'll have to face sooner or later. It’s not only the genes, but also environment and lifestyle that influence us. Therefore, the test feedback includes many practical tips to avoid the weight (re)gain.

  • Follow personal recommendations

Test will let you know how much you should eat, by giving an optimal daily energy intake in calories. It shows what kind of diet fits you the best – which is the most suitable balance between fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

  • Pick a right diet

As people are "built" differently, there is no such thing as a diet suitable for everybody. Although it seems tempting to choose a diet based on what you like to eat, it may not bring the results you hope for.

  • Find right balance between diet and exercise

Finding the right diet does not have to include endless testing and a row of disappointments. Taking a gene test gives you all the information you need for successful weight loss and only for ₤99.

Suitable diet and sufficient amount of exercise bring weight loss, but also keep us healthy by strengthening our immune system. Wrong habits on the other hand weaken us.

The Weight Basic gene test from myInnergo can be taken conveniently at home ( no blood needed), the data is securely stored and analyzed by high-profiled scientists from UK and Europe. You will send off a sample of your cheek cells and get back a personal key to weight loss.

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