Everyone knows that to get muscle you have to train, but many forgot the importance of nutrition, many professionals know that its 20% training, 40% rest and 40% nutrition that builds muscle. With this being the case it is vital that you work just as hard on your diet as you work in the weight room.

We have complied a list of must have foods to help you hit your muscle building goals.

Black Beans

Rich in a multitude of vitamins, especially vitamins B and A, low on the saturated fat scale, black beans are packed solid with important dietary fibre which helps prevent colon cancer. A normal 200ml cup of black beans will have around 15g of protein and is a great edition to pasta or as part of a sauce.


A meat commonly missed by most but has a great nutritional profile when compared with other meats, incredibly high in iron and protein yet without much saturated fat it makes a great alternative to beef and should be considered when buying red meat.

Peanut Butter

A true bulking food, peanut butter is packed with calories, healthy fat and protein, this essential bodybuilding food is simply great at packing on muscle. Always have healthy organic peanut packed peanut butter, none of this smooth sugar filled stuff you can get. 


Beef is easy to find and contains high amounts of zinc, iron and precious creatine, the zinc will aid in testosterone production and the creatine will help you get those extra few reps out in an intense workout. Beef is an excellent all-rounder and whilst it probably shouldn’t be eaten in the amounts of chicken and fish, it should be a once or twice a week occurrence for those wanting to add some lean muscle.

Bok Choy

Full of potassium, iron and vitamin C and nearly 0kcals! This leafy food can be added to any meal to add extra nutrients.


One the foods that is absolutely full of Zinc, in fact just one oyster can have the full RDA of Zinc within it. Zinc is essential for testosterone and can become depleted in those who train intensely, so get yourself eating oysters! Just don’t eat too many as it easy to overdose on Zinc.

Brown Rice

One of the staple carbohydrates of many athletes, brown rice is a complex carbohydrate that is an excellent source of slow energy release. Usually eaten with chicken or steak, brown rice is very versatile and is one of the best foods for allowing your body to store glycogen.

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