The easiest way to lose weight is to change the amount of calories that we take in a day, cutting calories is not a rocket science and research shows that you can drop half a kg each week by cutting 450-520kcal from your diet a day, (based upon a 68kg female).

We have come up with a list of tweaks you can make to your diet to easily shed half a stone in 6 weeks and help reach your aesthetic and health goals. However if you really want to get the personalised approach get yourself the myInnerGo WEIGHT TEST.

Small movements

This may seem odd, but doing small movements throughout the day can burn up to 350calories extra, best ways to do this are:

  • Having a walk around when on the phone
  • Tapping your feet to music
  • Moving your feet when sat at the desk
  • Any extra movement you wouldn’t normally do will burn a few extra calories, and every little helps. 

Smaller plates/bowls

Research has shown that the size of the item we eat off makes a huge difference, swapping from a 12-inch to a 10-inch plate or going for a smaller bowl can easily cut your portion size down and best of all you probably won’t even notice that you’ve consumed 25% less food.

Be satisfied not full

Eat slower and chew your food, you will find that you will be happy that you have filled that hunger hole without finishing everything on your plate. It takes up to 20minutes for your stomach to send the message to your brain that you are full, so slow down.

Be Careful of the “health” and “green” labels

Foods are packed with fancy labels these days saying they have 30% lighter, or are heart healthy etc. These claims may well be true, but 30% less of a 2000kcal pizza is still a big meal. Don’t be fooled by marketing always read the back of these packets to see the actual nutritional value of the food. A recent study showed that people underestimated calories in food by 42%, always thinking there was less then there actually was. This stat increases to 76% when people are told the same food is actually a “healthy” option.

Sleep well

Science shows that lack of sleep at night can make us peckish throughout the day, research shows that individuals who sleep for 7-8 hours per night eat 300kcal less than those who sleep 5.5 hours per night. Save your waist line and get yourself sleeping well, his is the easiest way to lose weight!

Forget those cinema snacks

If you’re a film lover you may struggle to get to your seat without having 5000 different forms of calorie rich food shoved in your face. A large popcorn can have 1000kcal of refined carbohydrates, which is not going to sit well on your stomach or waist, try and refrain from buying any foods there, if you do commonly get taken in by the food advertising buy some almonds and water before going into the cinema, this will make it less likely that you buy anything else. Besides from saving you calories this will no doubt save you £££.

Check the servings

Most people open up packets and stick the whole lot in the oven or pan, but have a look at the back, most of the Calories written on the front of packets represent one serving size which is going to be a lot smaller then you may think one serving size is.

There you have it, putting just some of these into practice will definitely make your weight loss goals a reality, these are just the start of your journey, but we all have to start somewhere and when you start seeing the results you will certainly want to carry on.

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