How do we keep to our goals? How do we stop ourselves from giving up?


Great questions that can be asked at any time during the year, however they have more importance in January when we are all trying to hit those New Year “resolutions”. Research that was conducted over 4 US universities shows that if you question yourself you are more likely to follow through on your goal or resolution.

Will I stop smoking? Yes/No
Is more powerful on our psychology than:
I will stop smoking.

This question-behaviour effect is a robust method of following through on goals especially when questions are directed with a response of “yes” or “no.” This method of questioning encourages behaviour that can elicit a feeling of uneasiness if you are not following through on your goal, therefore motivating you to complete the goal and relieve any feelings of uneasiness.

As we are a company that concentrate on health, fitness and diet why not ask yourself!

Am I going to lose body fat this year?
Will I compete this year?
Will I beat my personal bests?

Get a head start on your goals and test your DNA with us to help guide you on your journey to success!