Brenda, 43, bank cashier (from London)

When I was in my thirties, I rarely went to the gym and ate whatever and whenever I wanted, but still stayed fit. My lifestyle, though, was quite active. I thought walking a lot would be enough to keep my weight down. My friends used to say that I must have "good genes“.
It all changed when I moved to a bigger city and started driving everywhere. At work I sat all day. On the top of that, I got into my new boyfriend´s passion for meaty fry-ups. I put on two stones in one year.
Of course it didn´t come overnight. At first I didn’t worry much. Bit chubbier here, bit rounder there, it will go away again, so I thought. It got more serious after I had to change most of my wardrobe. As my boyfriend proposed to me, the penny dropped. Do I want to look like a dumpling wrapped in a white cloth on my wedding day? No, definitely not!
I started trying different diets and got very excited about the initial results. The success though was temporary, my new chubby stomach refused to disappear. I barely lost half a stone within six months and was at the point of giving up when a girlfriend told me about gene testing. She studies genetics, so she should know.
It´s incredible that a simple test can give so much information! I was sure that my weight went up because of eating carbs, so I was trying hard to avoid them. However, my genes showed that I should rather go for low-fat diet, but it is OK to allow myself healthy carbs like whole grain cereals.
What I find most helpful are the practical recommendations that help me to follow the diet. I love the “instead of this, try this” suggestions and the sample menu. Even more, my genes showed that, for me, physical activity is more crucial than diet. I got a personal training plan, which includes the optimal time spent exercising and the most suitable types of activity.
Today I have lost most of the weight I gained over the past years. I try my best to continue like that so I can look fantastic on my wedding day in December this year.