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Egle Rebane, MSc, MBA

Founder and CSO
Molecular Geneticist

Egle has worked for ten years in the field of genetics, and is also a founder of a medical laboratory company conducting several research projects in oncogenetics. Her current research interest is focused on personalised medicine and genetics, including nutrigenetics and genetics relating to sport. She has graduated from both the University of Tartu and the Estonian Business School. Egle shows an active interest in fitness and currently competes in Competitive Bikini Fitness events.




Christopher Collins, PGd (QMU), MSST, CISSN

Co-Founder, Head of Business Development and Consultations
Certified Sport Nutritionist and Musculoskeletal Specialist

Chris is an experienced personal trainer, sport therapist and nutritionist, and currently splits his time between the National Health Service (NHS) and commercial sport. He has graduated from Edge Hill University and Queen Margaret University with degrees in sport therapy, diagnostic radiography and sport nutrition. He believes that genetics can help bring the best out of athletes from amateur to professional level, starting out as a young footballer himself, he has been working with grass-root football clubs to premier league players to reach their desired goals through the power of DNA. Chris has current interests in resistance training, power and muscle building.




Aire Allikas, MSc

Founder, COO
Molecular Geneticist

Aire has been a product manager in a global pharmaceutical company and project leader in a drug development company involved in development of new cancer drugs. During the last five years she has been focused on lifestyle and nutritional genetics with her primary area of expertise being in the genetic factors of weight control. Aire has a degree in Genetics from the University of Tartu.





Tarmo Kivi

Co-founder, Investor, CEO
Seasoned Biotech Entrepreneur

Tarmo has over fifteen years’ experience in the biotechnology businesses in the field of drug development, genetics, and clinical diagnostics. Tarmo has a background in international venture capital and finance, as well as studying gene technology. He loves projects that aim to make the world a healthier and happier place.





Dr Nour Kadi, MD

Medical Advisor

Dr Nourdin Kadi is medical doctor and surgeon focused on urology and sport physiology with postgraduate qualifications in health sciences and sport nutrition. Dr Kadi has been involved in fitness since 1996 helping professional bodybuilders, fitness and cover models in their preparation. He graduated from University College London (UCL) and has experience in Medical Research and Development, Aesthetic Sport Preparation and currently works for the National Health Service (NHS).





Dr Caroline O’Hagan, PhD

Scientific Advisor
University Research, Competitive Powerlifter, Personal Trainer

Dr O’Hagan is internationally competitive athlete in powerlifting a personal trainer and scientist. She has an understanding that to have an edge in sport than scientific information is key. Dr O’Hagan completed a degree in Psychology at Queens University Belfast before commencing a PhD in Behavioural Neuroscience at Cardiff University, where she also undertook teaching responsibilities. She also is a Level 2 qualified Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer with passion for combining science and sport.




Prof. Andres Valkna, PhD

Co-founder, Investor, Scientific Advisor
Associate Professor of Biomedicine and Genetics

Prof. Valkna has held positions in The Scripps Research Institute California, Stockholm University, Tallinn University of Technology and University of Tartu. He is a CSO in CCCR Cambridge and Celecure Group. Prof. Valkna is also a keen windsurfer and sportsman.

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