How can I order myInnerGo products from outside of the UK? If yes, how?

Yes, you can - we ship worldwide. Ordering myInnerGo products from outside of the UK will incur a cost of £10.00 being added to your invoice. You will have to send your DNA sample to myInnerGo in the envelope which is provided with the kit. When ordering outside of the UK, please ensure that you are using the correct stamps of your country on the returning envelope.  myInnerGo address is already printed on the returning envelope. If you have any questions regarding shipment, please contact us on: info@myinnergo.co.uk.

How can I send the sample to the lab? 

After ordering a test kit you will also receive a smaller envelope with a pre-paid UK stamp for sending the sample back. Please make sure your returning envelope includes a sticker with myInnerGo address and the correct stamp. If ordering from outside of the UK you will have to use stamps according to your local postal price list for sending sample back to UK, or via a courier.   

Is it safe to send your DNA sample by post?

Yes it is, and the following reasons explain why:

1- Nobody, besides myInnerGo can link the sample with you, as there is only a code on the sample, your name and address are not included.

2- The DNA sample is well preserved in the container provided with the kit, environmental changes will not damage the genetic material during transportation.

3-Should something unexpected happen during the delivery process (e.g. sample gets lost etc.) myInnerGo will provide a new kit set for free.

When do I have to create an account? 

In order to view the results of your test, you have to create your myInnerGo account. You can create your myInnerGo account at any time, placing an order does not create an account. If you have not created an account before, you have to create your account as part of the kit registration. Account setup requires creating a password and confirming your email address. Information entered during registration is only saved within your account once registration is completed.

How can I cancel an order? 

To cancel an order you have to write an e-mail and let us know the name under which you have purchased and the postal address you used. If we have sent out the buccal swab collection kit you must return the kit to us unopened, unused, complete and in a re-saleable condition upon receiving we will refund your order.

Can I order a gene test for my child? 

myInnerGo gene tests can be ordered to persons who are at least 16 years old. Every person has to make her/his own account for registering the kit and receiving test results.

How old do I have to be to order a gene test?

You can order the myInnerGo gene test if you at least 16 years old.



How and when do I register my kit? 

After ordering a test you will receive buccal swab collector kit for taking a DNA sample. You will find a label with a code of the kit in the package of the buccal swab.

You have to register your kit using this code via the myInnerGo website. In order to register, you will need to either create a new account or log in to an existing myInnerGo account. Use the “Register Kit” button on the right upper corner of myInnerGo webpage to begin registration.

In order to be able to see the result of your test, you need to create an account and link your kit to your account by registering the kit. If you exit the process before completing registration, you will need to restart from the code entry step.

What should I do if I cannot register my kit? 

Please check the kit code you have entered is correct. If you still cannot enter your kit code please inform us with an email to info@myinnergo.co.uk

What should I do if I forgot to register my kit? 

Unfortunately we cannot send you the genotyping results if you have not registered your kit. Please inform us with an email to info@myinnergo.co.uk if such a case has happened.

How should I take a sample? 

Collect the buccal cell sample at least 1 hour after eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. Other aspects as time of the day, your condition, taking medication do not affect sample quality.

Rinse your mouth carefully before collecting the sample. In order to achieve a proper sample for DNA analysis smear the swab with buccal cells thoroughly.


What do I do if there is a problem with my kit?

Please notify us by emailing to info@myinnergo.co.uk if something has happened with your kit and you cannot use it properly.

When will my results be ready?

Sample processing takes approximately 1 month from the time your sample received at the lab. The processing times are estimates, and should not be considered a guarantee that your results will be returned by a particular date. You can check the status of your sample by logging into your account https://portal.myinnergo.co.uk/

How will I see my results?

First, you have to create your myInnerGo account and register your kit. When your results are ready you will receive a notification e-mail. Once you have received the notification email, your results are available for viewing on your myInnerGo account. 



Are the genetic testing results reliable?

myInnerGo uses up-to-date genetic testing technology which is highly reliable, the vast majority of the variants on our chip have a 98% or greater call rate, meaning that the chip can provide accurate data for more than 98% of those variants in any particular person. If there are some missing calls in your genotyping data we may not be able to provide the information on the area affected and you will be notified appropriately. Interpretation of the gene test results is composed according to current scientific research, we must highlight that scientific research is ongoing and there can be new information arising about the associations of the topics of interest and the genetic variants.

What are the limitations of having a gene test? 

Genetic factors are “only one part of the picture” - they give information about predisposition to some aspects of our health and performance but lifestyle and environmental factors cannot be ruled out. myInnerGo genetic tests are not intended for medical purposes or clinical diagnosis, the given information can be used for changing nutrition or training plans after consulting with respective specialists and taking into account all other personal aspects. The information provided is based on current scientific understanding; however the research is ongoing meaning there can be new information arising about the association of the topics of interests and the genetic variants.  

Interpretation of the tests are based on studies that are mainly focused on people of European ancestry; therefore some analysis may not be applicable to individuals of non-European ancestry.

Do you test all my DNA? 

Our genomes are nearly identical from person to person, but there are specific positions in the genome that are known to vary between individuals, these are called genetic variants. myInnerGo analyses 187 variants in your genome which are associated with the effects of nutrition and fitness/sport performance.

What happens to my DNA after the test? 

Your DNA is securely destroyed in 2 months after analysing.

Why is there some missing data in the report?

Although we use up-to date genetic testing technology there are several reasons why analysis of a sample may not be 100% successful every time. If the case arises that there are some missing calls in your genotyping data and therefore information is missing about some of the topics you will have the respective notifications in your report.



How is my personal information protected? 

To prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, to maintain data accuracy, and to ensure the appropriate use of information, myInnerGo uses a range of reasonable physical, technical, and administrative measures to safeguard your personal information, in accordance with current technological and industry standards.

We ask also for you to be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account.

Do you share my data with third parties?

myInnerGo does not share individual-level genetic data with third parties without asking for and receiving your explicit permission to do so. If you have given consent for us to do so, we may include your genetic data and survey responses, stripped of your name or other contact information, in aggregate data that we use for scientific research. Aggregate data is data from multiple users that has been combined to minimise the possibility of exposing individual-level information. Such aggregate data may be published or disclosed to a third party.

Can I ask you to delete my data?

Yes, notify us if you want your data to be deleted from our database.

For whom do you buy the test?


When buying for someone else, please enter his/her name below