Sport Elite

The Sport Elite pack is the ultimate option for those looking to get a precise and personal way of utilising their genetic report for training, nutrition and correct supplementation.

We have all bases covered with our sport professional pack. We have included Sport, Nutrition and now our Micronutrients pack. Giving you information so that you can look to improve not only performance and diet but how you can increase your cellular level. Giving you the ultimate package, so you can be at the top of your game.

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Benefits of Sport Elite

Get to know your genetic advantages in sport

Understand your genetic profile for nutrition and micronutrients

Access to personal coach

Receive an action plan to improve your performance

Get full understanding of utilising genetic report for training, nutrition, and micronutrients

Achieve your goals in the most efficient and scientific way

Sport Elite gives you access to following

Sport Elite gives you access to your personal coach to give you a full understanding of your genetic profile allowing a deeper and more personalised approach to training and the creation of a nutrition and supplementation plan that is ideally created for your fitness goals!

An expert consultation
The expert consultation allows the recommendations to be made even more personalised, by talking with one of our professional consultants you will be able to explain in detail what it is you are trying to achieve and any lifestyle requirements. The consultant will be able to use your genetic profile and your environment to give you usable, personalised advice.
Customised training plan
The training plan is the final nail in this all encompassing training package, from the information gathered through the consultation, the genetic report and the questionnaire a training plan will be made that suits your goal, your environment, your time constraints and of course your DNA! The training plan will have information on progressions and ideas of how to make sure your genetics are helping you progress through to success.
Genetic testing
Genetic testing will give you the genetic blueprint and the expertise you need to fully unlock the talents within to help you reach your goals. Genetic science can help you predict future sporting ability in differing physical characteristics such as power, endurance and recovery, combining this with expert coaching and sport know-how your your future dreams will become present reality.
Genetic testing for nutrition
The nutrition section gives you the genetic blueprint to make the correct choices with your macronutrients, by utilising the nutrition section you can mould your diet to your goal with ease whether you want to lose body fat, gain lean muscle or just maintain weight.
Genetic testing for vitamins
The micronutrient deficiency genetic test looks into DNA proven to cause possible deficiency in you, it allows you to see where you may have possible deficiencies and it can help you understand what foods may be required in your diet to help prevent deficiency occurring.
Personal diet recommendations
The personalised diet recommendations uses the nutrition genetic results to give you personalised ideas to help you make the correct food choices for your goals.
Personal supplementation plan
The personal supplement plan allows you to use your genetics to find out which supplements suit you best for your goals, it allows you to use your money on supplements that your body may need and saves you from wasting money on supplements that are probably having no impact on you.
The recommendation section allows you to see in detail what your genetic results mean to you, they give you an overview of how you can use the genetic information in your lifestyle to reach the goals explained through the questionnaire.


Discover your athletic potential!


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