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Around 66% of the variance in athlete status is explained by additive genetic factors.

The Sport gene test helps you discover your personal, inherited advantages in order to make appropriate sport choices, improve your athletic performance, general physical condition and personalise your training. The DNA test analyses genetic variations related to components of athletic performance such as strength, power, endurance, muscle fibre size and composition, recovery, injury and other phenotypes.

A gene test can be done conveniently at home – just order a test and a sample kit will be sent to your home. Taking a swab sample is easy and the sample can be sent back by post. Our lab analyses the sample and the report comes back online. The Sport gene test report includes an interpretation of test results, recommendations and videos.

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Sport gene test unlocks the following topics

Genetic profiling indicates if there is increased or decreased likelihood of a particular trait. The predictive data profile gives probability only, and it should be taken in combination with other factors such a family history, environment, nutrition and other personal factors such as weight, age etc. In other words, genetic variations may influence your performance and health, but so do your choices!

Anaerobic Threshold
The Anaerobic threshold (AT) is commonly known as the lactate threshold or LT, and is the level at which lactate begins to accumulate within the bloodstream during exercise. With increased exercise intensity, lactate in the blood reaches the LT. The LT is a useful measurement for determining exercise intensity during training for a wide variety of sports such as running, rowing, cycling, swimming etc. The usage of interval training, which has been popularised in modern times, uses the principle that the LT can be exceeded for short periods of time, followed by a short recovery period.
Basal energy expenditure
The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the rate of energy used by the body at rest. The release and use of energy in this state is sufficient to maintain vital organ function, respiration and repair. Basal metabolism is typically the largest component of our total energy expenditure (approximately 60%). BMR is individual and is affected by height, weight, age, gender and activity levels but it can also be affected by our genes.
Endurance is the ability to perform a physical task over prolonged periods of time with minimal fatigue. Endurance levels are commonly associated with the amount of energy expended during the exercise period. Those with higher endurance affinity will therefore be able to exert higher amounts of energy for prolonged periods.
Exercises effect on weight
Exercise in conjunction with an active lifestyle is important for general good health status. However, studies have demonstrated that the benefits of exercise in relation to weight management differ depending on individual genetic variations.
Hypertrophy Response
Body composition in relation to resistance training is the ability for muscle hypertrophy to occur as a result of resistance exercise or physical activity. Muscle hypertrophy is the increase in muscle size, and, whilst there is a correlation between size and strength, the genes that govern power are much more closely associated with strength. Those with better affinity to this aspect of body composition will be able to increase muscle size faster and achieve more hypertrophy than those with lower affinity.
Injury Risk
Injuries in sport are due to: damage from overuse; poor technique; or accident. Genetically, injury risk is associated with tendinitis, and therefore those with a genetically higher risk will be more predisposed to this inflammatory condition, commonly caused by overuse and/or lack of appropriate rest.
Lean Body Mass
Lean body mass (LBM) is your total body weight minus fat, and determines whether or not you are more likely to have lower body fat levels and higher muscle mass. Therefore those with higher affinity will have a more beneficial power to weight ratio.
Power is the ability to exert a maximal amount of energy over a very short period of time. However, a maximal power activity will depend on maximum energy expenditure. Those with a high affinity to power will be able to produce more energy (force) in a short period of time than those with little affinity.
Recovery works on two levels: the first is the ability to heal from damage caused by physical activity and injury, and the second is the speed with which you recover energy after intense bouts of exercise. Those with higher affinity will be able to recover faster from injury and have more energy post-rest period than those with lower affinity.
VO2 max is an individual’s maximum rate of oxygen consumption, as measured during incremental exercise. It is a fair reflection of the aerobic fitness of a person and is an important factor in aerobic activity which is needed for sub-maximal endurance-based sport, such as marathons.
Warrior vs Worrier
The variants in this topic are related to stress response and the ability to deal with stressors, ranging from executive decision-making to pain threshold. The variants are split between those who are "warriors", those who are "worriers" and those who fall in between.


Comprehensive lifestyle recommendations are given to you using the data arising from your genetic profile and questionnaire. The aim of the recommendations are to give you an action plan and tips to reach your goal and stay healthy. Personal well-being means making right choices and myInnerGo makes it easier!

  • What sport fits your genes?
  • Is there an elite athlete in you?
  • How can you avoid injury?
  • How can you improve your training intensity?
  • How can you change your body?
  • How can you use the warrior/worrier in you?
  • How hard should you train and for how long?
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All reports are on personal portals online, if you would like to see a sample report please send us your email and we will send you the access link and details!

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Stephen Finlayson

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"The information I got from myInnerGo gene test has really opened my eyes to what I could potentially achieve! This for me is critical knowledge, knowing what your body doesn't like, what it doesn't need but also knowing what it does need and what it uses best, is like having the winning lottery ticket."

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"MyInnerGo has given me the ability to know my full potential, increase my strength, increase hypertrophy and all in all, make me feel so much better about my training and nutrition."

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"I'm blown away by the results! So what does this mean? Basically it means I can now cut out the trial and error of training principles and nutrition and apply the right principles and nutrition that my body will adapt to best from the results. I can't wait to put this to the test and see what gains and what results I can come up with."

Steph Owens

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"When I got my Genetics results back through myInnerGo I found some fantastically positive results that can benefit my training. It is already helping me with my diet and training and has confirmed that I am in the correct sport for my genetic makeup. It is available for anyone."

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